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         of H.M. the King's
         6th Cycle Birthday 

    Rama IV Road, Wangmai Sub-
    district,Patumwan District,Bangkok
    57.60 hectares
    Operating Hour::
    Daily 04.30 a.m. - 09.00 p.m.
    Park Type:
    Regional Park or District Park
    Responsible Agency:
    Public Park Office
    Department of Environment
    Bus Route::
    RAMA IV Road Bus No.4, 14, 46,
      47, 50, 74, 76, 106 Air-con Bus No.7,109,115
      Ratchadamri Road Bus No.14,15,74,77,
      119 Air-con No.4,5 Sarasin Road Bus No.
    13,76,106 Wittayu Road Bus No.13
    17,62,76,106 Air-con Bus No.62,76
    Visiting People:
    Working Day approximately 20,000 persons
    Holiday approximately 40,000 persons



          It is the first public park of Bangkok, a heritage of King Rama VI given to his people. In 1925 after 15 years in the throne, the Thai economics was in recession due to the aftermath of the World War I. So King Rama VI initiated to organize an exhibition of local products and natural resources in the winter of 1925, as successfully undertaken in the west country. Under the King's plan, after the exhibition, this site would be developed to be a park. The Saladaeng Field, a crown property of which a part was provided for the construction of Chulalongkorn University, was selected. King Rama VI also kindly donated his money for the site preparation. The construction included pond, island, road and building. He conferred the name as "Lumphini Park", which literally means the birth place of Lord Buddha at Lumphini District, Nepal. Unfortunately, this fair was cancelled due to the untimely death of King Rama VI. Later, the project was revived in the reign of King Rama VII. The area of 14.40 hectares in the south of the park was rented to be an amusement park called "Vanaruengrom", of which the rental fee was used for development of the rest area to be public park. Since then Lumphini Park has become a popular recreational area. The activities in the past included the kite competition, cow races, swings, merry-go-rounds. Giving this land to the government, King Rama VII stated that the land could be used as the public park only. However, during the World War II the park became the Japanese soldiers camp. After the war in 1952 - 1954, it was a venue for the celebration of the constitution and the Miss Siam Beauty contest was held on the park's island.


    Attractive Features

              It is a special purpose park providing with a combination of various recreational activities. It also houses the Recreation Center, and many private clubs. The place is serenely beautiful with shades from old big trees. The area consists of several kinds of attraction such as colorful and decorative plants, the lush forest park, the elegant palm garden and the softly blown bamboo garden. The vast green area of the park, situated among concrete buildings, so it also plays an important role in urban ecology to be habitat and nature food source.



    - The Royal monument of King Rama VI. It was built in 1942 to commemorate to the King who kindly gave this park to people.
    - Bird Watching Course. Full of trees that provide natural food, the park has become bird sanctuary that over 30 species of birds can be found. Consequently, the training course is yearly organized for practicing your bird watching skills.
    - Smiling Sun Ground. It is a recreational ideal place for the disabled. There are no stairs but a slope path for wheelchairs, a special playground, parking lots and necessary park facilities.
    - Bangkok Senior Citizens Club. Located in Lumphini Hall, it is a gathering place for the elderly to perform various activities such as exercising, vocational training etc. Open daily from 08.00 - 18.00. Inside the building, there is also a revolving dance stage. During weekends, a Ballroom dancing and training are held.
    - Home of Hope. It is the center for homeless children where they can have useful advice, consultation, knowledge or even help. It is open every day from 10.00 - 19.00.
    - BMA Apprentice School. It offers various vocational courses to the public. The courses include computer, dressmaking, hairdressing, cooking, etc.
    - Lumphini Public Library. It is a source of knowledge, that collects various books and video tapes. It is open from Tuesday - Sunday, 08.00 - 20.00.
    - Lumphini Youth Center. It offers sports activities including sports training to children. It also provides a venue for sports activities and sports equipment for members such as football, swimming, basketball, ballroom dancing course. It is open daily: from Monday - Friday 18.00 - 20.00, and Saturday - Sunday 10.00 - 18.00.
    - Sri Thai Doem Food Center. Food and beverage are sold every day from 04.30 - 10.00.
    - Pedalboat and Rowboat. It is the private service, offering a rental service at the rate of 30 Baht per 30 minutes.
    - Dharma in the Park. Buddhist activities are regularly organized for the benefit of the society. Food offerings to the monks and preaching on the sermon are held every last Sunday of the month from 07.00 -09.00.
    - Music in the Park. Thai and western music performance is staged at the Palm Garden during February - April every Sunday from 16.30 -20.00.