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      Sukhumvit Road between Soi Sukhumvit 22
      and 24, Khlong Tan Sub-district, Khlong Toei
      District, Bangkok 10110
      4.64 hectares
    Operating Hour:
      Daily 05.00 a.m. - 09.00 p.m.
    Park Type:
      Community Park
    Responsible Agency:
      Public Park Office,Department of Environment
    Bus Route:
      Bus No. 2,25, 38, 48, 98, 119 Air-con No. 1,
      8, 13, Micro Bus No. 6
    Visiting People:
      Working Day approximately 2,500-3,000 persons
      Holiday approximately 4,500-5,000 persons



       H.M. the Queen graciously conferred the name of this park. Assigned by the cabinet on 19 December 1989, the Treasury Department under Ministry of Finance undertook the park's construction in replacement of the office of the Meteorological Department, which was moved to the new place at Bang Na Road since original site had problems about pollution causing inaccuracy in weather forecast. The park is a tribute to H.M. the Queen on the 5th Cycle Birthday on 12 August 1992. It is greatly appreciated for many royal duties of H.M. the Queen that undertaken for long time concerning in improving environment and the conserving natural resources as well as for better quality of life of her Thai people. The construction started in 1990 with full support from various agencies. Despite the fact that value of the land in this business center location was over 4,000 million Baht. Because of the greatness of our Queen, this valuable park appears here to responds the community need for relaxation after daily work that hard to find such huge green space in this built-up area.



    Attractive Features

        This park was constructed to respond to community needs based on the result of research about the needs of nearby dwellers. The landscape of the park comprises 70% of a vast green space to show the beauty of clear blue sky due to this area is crowded with skyscrapers. In addition, big trees around the park create shady and cool environment. The park renders the atmosphere of serenity, which distinctly contrast with the outside world. As a tribute, there is a 3 meter sculpture of H.M. the Queen in a standing posture. Moreover, there are two Thai styled pavilions in the front part of the park. This pavilions exhibit H.M. the Queen's kind activities. According to the concept to be "Park of Sculptures", so several pieces of sculptures created by well-known artists are presented throughout the area, reflecting delicate art, new idea and philosophy of artists.Some pieces are decorated with a fountain that add the feeling if liveliness. Moreover, as the area consists of 20% of water garden, this park can act supplementary role in collecting excess volume rainfalls before gradually drained to normal drainage system. This can act as flood control for this area.





     - The Musical Fountain Show. The Great attraction in the front part of the park. The fountain is a part of the sculpture called "Hansa" (ecstasy) by Mesium Yipinsoy. The fountain show comprises the jumping fountain, and the musical fountain. They create cheerful water dances, active water curtain that dances in line with rhythm of the music. The shows are held 3 times daily, 06.00 - 07.00, 12.00 - 13.00 and 18.00 - 20.00
        - The Various Sculptures. There are total 18 pieces in the park, such as "Kird" (birth), "Wan Dek" (children day), "Rammana" (The one-ended drum with a short cylinder), "Cheevit lae Sattha" (life and faith), "Roi Sattha" (a trace of faith), "Dek" (a child), "Toeb To" (The growth), "Ngok Ngarm" (flourish), "Puen Pipop lae Jakkawan" (the earth and the universe), "Wua" (The cow), "Yodsoongsong Tharnmankong" (a high apex with a firm base), "Sanyalak Haeng Seriphab" (The symbol of freedom), "Sanyalak Haeng Cheevit" (The symbol of life), "Manus" (The human being), "Samphanthaphab Nai Krongsang" (The relation in structure), "Leela Haeng Samphantaphab" (The movement of relation).

        - Sports Ground. The paved area are available for exercising and outdoor sports playing such as Takraw, Volleyball, Basketball and also Health Plaza with fitness stations.
        - Roller-Skating Ground. Meeting place for teenagers who enjoy roller-skating and those who enjoy watching this daring sport.
        - Swimming Pool. According to public opinion survey, a swimming pool is provided for the park users. The size is 12.5X25 m.
        - Children Playground. Set of playground equipment are provided for adventure, seeking and climbing. It is popular among Thai and foreign children during weekends.
        - Dharma in the Park. In addition to a recreational place, it is a venue for Buddhist activities. Every second Sunday of each month from 06.30 - 08.30, Buddhist can make merit and listen to sermon
        - Music in the Park. It is one of various recreational activities provided in the park. For relaxation in the evening at weekend, people can enjoy listening to Thai and western music performances.